Take Control of Your Finances with Money Tracker

Take Control of Your Finances with Money Tracker
Pull Dashboard

Managing money feels like a job itself. Between checking all your bank, credit card and investment accounts, tracking spending, setting goals, the workload is endless. What if you could view your whole financial life in one centralized dashboard?

Introducing Pull Money Tracker that helps you do just that. 

Money Tracker allows you to:

See All Your Accounts in One Place

Link all your financial accounts to our secure platform, including banking, loans, investments, retirement, and more. We’ll automatically update your balances so you always have an up-to-date net worth snapshot.

Track Spending With Ease

Our intelligent analytics will categorize every penny you spend across linked accounts. We’ll serve up weekly digests so you can spot budget busters easily.

Pre-qualify for Salary Advances

Users who connect bank accounts may pre-qualify for larger salary advance offers from Pull for their ongoing financial needs.

See Upcoming Payments (Coming soon)

With Money Tracker, you can see expected recurring payments like rent, utilities, and subscriptions so you can prepare for these expenses accordingly.

Set Financial Goals That Motivate (Coming soon)

Easily establish savings goals like vacations, debt payoff, or emergency funds. Visual trackers will keep you focused on consistent progress every month.

And the best feature? Money Tracker is totally free! Unlike most money apps, we don’t nickel and dime you for every premium feature. We want managing your money to be simple, not another monthly bill.

Want to see what Pull can do for you? Check us out at https://www.pullnow.com/