Home Remodel On Your Mind? Here’s Why a Salary Advance is Better than a Personal Loan

Home Remodel On Your Mind? Here’s Why a Salary Advance is Better than a Personal Loan

You’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen or finish the basement. But those home improvement projects don’t come cheap. Where can you find an affordable financing option to fund your remodeling plans?

A personal loan may seem like the obvious choice. But they require credit checks, have lengthy applications, and lock you into lengthy 2–5 year repayment terms. There’s a better way — a Pull salary advance.

Here’s why tapping your future paycheck is smarter than getting weighed down by a personal loan:

No Credit Check Required: Personal loans require credit checks and reviews of your financial history. If your credit score is damaged, you may not qualify or will pay sky-high interest rates. With Pull, your credit score doesn’t matter. If you have regular paychecks, you are eligible.

Customized to Your Salary: Banks offer preset personal loan amounts up to $40,000 or so. But what if your kitchen remodel is going to cost $15,000? With Pull, you can customize the advance to precisely how much you need for the project based on your salary. Take out $5,000, $10,000 or any amount up to 50% of your annual earnings.

Pay Period Repayment: Personal loans can last 2–5 years, with payments dragging on forever. With Pull, repayments are aligned to your pay schedule, through small deductions from each paycheck. Finish repaying in just 6 months or less, so you aren’t still fixing your kitchen when it’s time to remodel the bathrooms!

No Prepayment Penalties: Many personal loans punish you for repaying early with hefty fees. But sometimes you come into extra cash and want to pay down your debt faster. With Pull, you can repay early with no penalties.

All-In Costs Under 5%: Between lengthy terms and origination fees, personal loans end up costing way more than their advertised rates once you calculate the true annual percentage costs. Pull offers simple, honest pricing with all-in costs capped to 5%. That’s far less than the total costs of a personal loan with 20%+ APR, origination and other fees.

Next time you need cash for home improvements, skip the headaches of personal loans. Get a salary advance from Pull for a faster, more affordable way to fund your home remodeling projects!